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Presidential Plunder: The Quest For The Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth

By Jovito R. Salonga

First Printing: June 20, 2020

"Dedicated to the youth of the nation with the hope they will never tire in the quest for truth and justice." -Jovito R. Salonga

"This book is former Senator Jovito Salonga's account of the government's efforts to retrieve Marcos's ill-gotten wealth from 1986-2000. Behind this experience, the book highlights the challenges and accomplishments of the Aquino administration in rebuilding the economy and democracy in the country after the EDSA People Power Revolution." - https://ncpag.upd.edu.ph/book-shop/presidential-plunder-the-quest-for-the-marcos-ill-gotten-wealth/

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Source: https://archive.org/details/presidential-plunder-the-quest-for-the-marcos-ill-gotten-wealth

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